Fitness And Martial Art Programs

Weight Loss & Muscle Tone

A simple and gentle routine for a new start consisting of isometric exercises, flexibility, mobility, nutrition and concentration. An excellent program for weight loss and body cleansing. A personalized evaluation will determine the intensity of the program.

Fitness & Conditioning

A simple routine for a return to physical fitness consiting of plyometric exercises, endurance, flexibility, mobility, nutrition and concentration. An ideal program for a revitalization of your performance and delineation of your body.

Strength & Power

A challenging routine consisting of exercises of strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility, nutrition, energy work, meditation and concentration. Mass gain and tone guaranteed!

Internal Healing Gymnastics

Internal Healing Gymnastic is an essential part of all martial discipline, consisting of ancient traditional techniques of meditation, energy work and breathing. The program will lead to basic notions of self-awareness as well as the maintenance of a healthy body and balanced thinking.

Zen Martial Training

A combat training routine, consisting of unconventional methods of physical and psychological conditioning. The program will lead to concepts of internal combat or an increase in perception, reflex, speed and decision-making.

What To Except

Weight Control

Weight loss or gain can either occur unintentionally or arise from a conscious effort to improve functions and promote an optimal state. ZenMartialTraining programs give you a deep understanding of your body’s relation with food and the ability to calibrate your mass index with your nutrition intake and energy consumption to control and conserve an ideal functional lean mass.

Nutrition Awareness

Be smart about food instead of ingesting supplementation for no good reason !!

Follow the interaction of nutrients and other substances in food in relation to maintenance, growth, cleansing and vitality. Nutrition awareness consists of understanding or even feeling the absorption, assimilation and elimination of different food groups. ZenMartialTraining programs hands you the knowledge to improve your physiological functions to optimize recovery and development after training maintaining maximum energy.

Physical Proficiency

Aesthetics focus and new age fitness concepts can be disingenuous for a functional performance. Athletic development can be affected creating imbalances in different body systems, delaying progress, decreasing neurological responses and even influencing psychological states. ZenMartialTraining focus on improving your anatomical and physiological knowledge, understanding the fonctinality and limitations of movement and the experience to develop your potential in a safe and secure manner. Injury free.

Energy Work & Internal Exercise

Internal healing gymnastics breach the gap to sharper senses, controlling thoughts and breathing that will regulate the bodly energies. ZenMartialTraining programs will lead to basic notions of self-awareness as well as the maintenance of a healthy body and balanced thinking.

Who I Am

Bernard de Premonville

Hi! I’m bernard!

I’ll teach you to move and control your body, and to use internal martial arts!

I love to teach health and fitness using martial arts as a vehicle to widen and deepen the perspective of self and body balance to all around me.

20+ years in competitive martial arts
10+ teaching high level around the World
Yue Jia Quan Master
Mantis Fist Master
3rd Dan TaeKwonDo
Certified in Acupuncture and Herbology

I’m originally unique closing the gap between oriental ancestral concepts of health and body (Zen, Chinese medicine, martial philosophy) and western perspective. I deliver such a great value to all levels; no matter how advance they are. I can see them changing everyday. My expertise and experience is so extented in competitions and coaching, as are my results and merits. I can give the injured, old, overweighted, clumsy or unconfident a fighting chance.

Welcome to those who think fitness is the ultimate pursuit. Whether your goal is to build strength, increase flexibility, or lose a few unwanted pounds, it begins with the decision to change your lifestyle, and it should begin today. The longer you wait, the further you’re getting from your goal. Those calories aren’t burning themselves. Make the commitment to be healthy. 

We’ll be your partner every step of the way.

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What People Are Saying

Estelle Diop

” Bernard, is an artist! The training he provide is haute couture, never ready-to- wear stuff. I’ve been around and abroad, and practised with quite a few people, but what really stands out with Bernard’s method is you don’t undergo some kind of process; you don’t go through some routine protocol: “

Aissata Ndiaye

” Bernard’s training is carried out in an intelligent matter and is adapted to your needs or even pains if you have some. A true attention is carried on your objectives. Zen martial training is based on a precise knowledge of the human body and mind that goes with it! Without omitting a very strong intuition. “

Tom Cooper

” Bernard is a phenomenal martial artist, and unlike many fighters he can teach it to others. I trained for 3 years in China and I would not have made the gains I have made if not for the training I did with him. Bernard is always looking to improve techniques and learn new things, he has a passion for martial arts that I have yet to see in anyone else. “


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